Kids Picture Stories Offline

Kids Picture Stories Offline

Updated on:2022-11-18


Picture Stories For Kids: Children Story Book is an offline educational story book app with over 50+ stories for kids with wonderful pictures. The most beloved children stories from around the world are together in one short stories for kids APP and all are for FREE!

Picture Stories for Kids: Children Story Book covered a diverse collection of stories from across the world including children moral stories, kids educational stories, bedtime stories, motivational stories, children short stories, mythological stories, classic kids stories books, animal stories, stories of friendships and love. The benefits of having so many different categories of stories is that you are sure to find many different ones that your kid will like. You are not limited.


We list some of the most popular and famous stories with pictures in our story book. But there are also some new ones, that you can’t find elsewhere! With a lot to choose from, you will always have a source for amazing kids short stories in English. Some of the main Stories Includes :

- The Lion and the Mouse
- The Fox and The Cat
- The Greedy Mouse
- The Wind and The Sun
- The Foolish Bear
- The Lion And The Tiger
- Two Cats And A Monkey
- The Oak Tree and the Reeds
- The Selfish Horse
- and a lot more....

Enjoy reading these stories with your kids in mobile device without internet. They are all light, fast and very intuitive to read. The great thing is that more offline stories for children are going to be added in next updates. We are dedicated to creating the largest collection of short stories for kids.

All received information is used exclusively to improve the quality of the application ‘Little Stories’ and can not be transferred to third parties.

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