Fighting Zombie

Fighting Zombie

Updated on:2022-11-18


Prove if you can survive more than 30 days as the last survivor of a post-apocalyptic world!

Zombie Shelter - Pixel RPG is a survival roguelike action game. You will be the survivor to resist and defeat the coming waves of death and unknown creatures. Fight for survival in zombie battle. Create a variety of unique skill combinations to help you survive. Become stronger to reveal the truth and survive for human civilization!

Game Features
- A pixel ROGUELIKE adventure game full of zombies and unknown creatures.
- Unique battle mode. Take advantage of bounces to attack enemies.
- Random and unique skills.
- Choose from six heroes with different fighting styles.
- Level up and equip your heroes with powerful gear.
- Climb to the top of the global leaderboard in Arena Mode.

Doomsday Survival Guide
- Equipment selection
Weapons and equipment can be obtained from drops and gameplay rewards, or by chests from the mall.
In the early stage, long-range weapons are easier to use, while melee weapons are more difficult. You can use the sheriff's suit as a transition in the early stage of the armor, and then you can use the enhanced shelter set given by passing the level. Weapons and armor require an average level of reinforcement.
- Level Skills
Ballistic skills are the first choice, followed by passive attribute skills, and finally auxiliary skills.
Monsters with blue bars need to use a charged attack to knock back the blue bars and deal damage.
- development plan
Push level as soon as possible, because the hang-up rewards are calculated based on the main line level, and the advanced level rewards are more.
When the main line cannot be pushed, you need to strengthen the equipment.
Remember to complete the daily routine and receive offline hang-up rewards.
The resources in the early stage mainly come from pushing maps and offline hanging up. If the bottle caps are not enough, you can exchange diamonds for a **all amount. When entering the map, it is best to prepare a **all amount of diamonds for resurrection.
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